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Dezhou Rundong Petroleum Mchinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized Chinese manufacturer of oil drilling and cementing tool, oil extraction equipment and fishing tool. We research, develop, manufacture and market a line of mud pump, mud gate valve, manifold

Welcome to this webpage! Rundong is a specialized Chinese manufacturer of oil drilling, cementing tool, oil extraction equipment and fishing tool. Our products include mud pump, manifold, downhole drilling motor, and others.

Mud pump is a kind of specialized machinery used for draining mud. During the process of drilling, the mud pump works to transfer washing fluids such as mud or water to the drilling hole. Hence, it is an important part of drilling equipment.

Thanks for visiting this webpage. Rundong is an ISO9001 and American Petroleum Institute (API) 7K certified mud pump manufacturer, located in China. Since our establishment, we have made constant efforts to absorb and acquire advanced international technologies and production equipment.

The 3NB series mud pump is typically used in oil-field and industrial and mineral enterprises. It is also suitable for drilling, well workover and long distance transportation of liquid media.

The mud pump provides compact structure, light weight, small occupation and high efficiency.

Mud pump BW-250, which is a type of horizontal, 3-cylinder, single-acting reciprocating piston pump, comes with 2 liner diameters and 4-speed gear shift. The capacity and hole depth can be freely adjusted according to specific needs.

Bimetal liner is used as a kind of mud pump fluid end accessories in the oil drilling industry.

Valve is used to control the direction, pressure and flow of fluid in fluid system. It is suitable for water, vapor, oil, gas, mud, corrosive media, liquid metal, radioactive fluid, etc.

The choke manifold is an essential facility to prevent well kick, blowout through well pressure control. Also, hydraulic control box can be installed to accomplish remote control. The choke manifold is composed of high pressure valves and chokes. It is commonly used in oil and gas production to lower the pressure from the well head.

Z23X-35 series mud gate valve is typically applied to mud circulating equipment in oil wells or mines, for the purpose of controlling mud flow. With trapezoidal threaded connection, the mud gate valve provides easy installation, high rigidity and safe, reliable performance.

Plate gate valve is a major component of production tree, tubing head, casing head, manifold, etc. Over the past few years, we at Rundong continually use internationally advanced technologies to upgrade our plate gate valve, which is made according to API Spec 6A standards in terms of product design, material selection, production, acceptance check, etc.

Plug valve is an integral component used to connect the high pressure manifold in well cementation and fracturing work. It also suits control of similar high pressure liquids. The cock valve features compact structure, easy maintenance, low torque, labor saving, etc. So the valve is ideal for well cementation and fracturing work.

Cementing tool is essential when drilling wells. Through well cementation by the cementing tool, casing pipes are fixed inside the well to drain water or other fluids from the well.

The FC float collar has its shell made of 35CrMo structural alloy steel. It is applicable to casing assembly as a guide for the casing string. The float collar can accurately control the height of cement plug inside the casing and improve quality of cementation. The internal parts are readily drillable, and the float collar can resist high back-pressure up to 35Mpa.

The FS float shoe comes with recyclable extension tubes, and its shell is made of 35CrMo structural alloy steel. The float shoe suits vertical wells, highly deviated wells, horizontal wells, with resistance to high back-pressure of 35Mpa.
The valve provides stable performance and large pressure-bearing capacity.

The casing centralizer is made by mould pressing instead of welding or using rivets, and thus has firm structure.
The centralizer is detachable, so it is easy to transport and install.

The opening pressure for the two stage cementing tool is adjustable, and the operation is not subject to the hole angle.
The inner diameter of upper/lower sub is the same as that of casing, but smaller than that of the closing sleeve. The chances of damages to the closing sleeve can thus be minimized.

The double plug cement head suits continuous two stage cementing, in addition to general well cementation.
The lever type indicator shows whether the rubber plug enters the casing through the double plug cement head. This facilitates proper operation by users.

When the liner reaches the predetermined position, it will hang, reverse, cement and bump the well. Then it raises the driller and makes the block stretch out to set on the up end of tie-back sleeve, the driller under which shears the pins. The roller will expand under the action of external force to seal the upper casing and tie-back sleeve.

The SS top plug and DS bottom plug are designed and manufactured in compliance with SY5394-91 standards. The core, made of aluminum alloy, has great drill capability. The plug is made of imported nitride butadiene rubber and offers oil, acid-alkali resistance. Due to unique structure, the plug provides excellent scraping and displacement.

As an experienced manufacturer, we set up a rigid management system and strictly manufacture in accordance with ISO9001 standards. Due to years of continuing efforts, we are able to provide high quality, safe and eco-friendly downhole drilling motor, fishing tool and mud pump parts, among other products.

Die nipple is made using superior alloy steel through special heat treatment, and provides high strength, high tenacity and easy thread making.
The die nipple can be used together with the right and left hand drill pipe or other tools, for different fishing applications.

The releasing overshot is a tool widely used for fishing drill pipes, oil pipes, casings, etc. in petroleum industry.
The releasing overshot features simple structure, high toughness and works from the inside diameter of the fish.

Lead pattern is used as a fishing tool in petroleum industry, for detecting the status of fish-top, inside diameter and shape of the casing.
The lead pattern is a one-piece, cone-shaped fishing tool. Its unique design prevents the pattern from dropping off during drilling, and thus helps raise the fishing efficiency.

The releasing spear, as a kind of fishing tool, is typically used for fishing drill rods, oil pipes, casings, etc. in the oil drilling industry. It has simple structure, high strength, and works from the inside diameter of the fish.
Check the catch size, and make sure the outer diameter of releasing spear should be ...

Welcome to our product webpage. Rundong is a professional Chinese drill rig and drilling rod manufacturer. The following gives details of the two types of products.

The core drill rig provides modular design, high automation, long feeding stroke, high core recovery and low fault failure. A mast drill tower is adopted, for easy operation. Also, the drill rig comes with meters to show parameters and improve drilling efficiency.

The power head of the multipurpose drilling rig is driven by low-speed high torque hydraulic motor. Stepless speed regulating can be achieved by changing the delivery capacity of main pump. The output speed of power head can be steplessly regulated within 10-120 rounds/min. Due to the wide speed range, the drilling rig has wide applications and suits use for drilling...

The water drill rig is designed with rotary drill and mechanical transmission assembly.
The drill rig provides convenient installation, and the mast height can be regulated with the help of the rotary table.

Compared with the traditional drilling rod, our cable core drilling rod is characterized by no breakage and less wear and tear. Additionally, we optimize the screws and heat treatment to enhance the reliability of the product.

Established in 1970, Rundong is a specialized Chinese drilling rod manufacturer. Our company has received the ISO9001 certification and our products, are CE certified. Over 40 years of continuing dedication, we are happy to be able to provide high quality drill rig, cementing tool, fishing tool, and more, at low prices.

The downhole drilling motor is composed of bypass-valve assembly, motor assembly, cardan shaft assembly, transmission shaft assembly and guiding assembly

The power torque effects six-cylinder cramping, breakout, screwing, rotor pulling and drawing in turn during the operation.

Cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into single row, double row and multi row roller bearings. All of them are separated bearings, which are convenient to install and disassemble.

Deep blade and long parabolic configuration and optimized bottom hole flow field design ensure the smooth movement of rock debris and resistance to bit balling.
Anti-whirl design improves the rate of penetration and enhances the stability of the drill bit.

The oscillating screen is widely used in petroleum industry. As it is made of stainless steel wire, our oscillating screen provides great alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

Our high pressure hose is used to transport water, gas, oil and other high pressure mediums. It can operate at -40℃ to 100℃. This type of hose adopts advanced nano material so that it features great oil, ozone, aging resistance and high pulse performance.

Thanks for your attention to our products. We, Dezhou Rundong Petroleum Mchinery Co., Ltd., are a professional oilfield components manufacturer and supplier in China. In order to suit every customer's demands, we offer a wide range of oilfield components, including hammer union, hydraulic spanner, hydraulic hand pump, etc.

Each hammer union has one and only color mark for fast recognition. It is made of high strength alloy steel which meets ASTM and AISI standards. Strict heat treatment ensures that each union possesses consistent metallographic structure and loading capacity. As our hammer union provides great mechanical property, sealing performance and different pressure rating...

DYB series hydraulic spanner features compact structure, high durability, high torque and low cost. It is made of ordinary high strength material, the price of which is only one fifth that of special alloy material, while not sacrificing performance. So, our hydraulic spanner is the product of choice for customers who are looking for a high quality, economically priced spanner.

SYB series hydraulic hand pump, pedal operated pump are a type of double plunger pump. High pressure and low pressure plungers feed oil simultaneously under low pressure condition. Our hydraulic hand pump can be divided into single oil way type and double oil way type.
As a China hydraulic hand pump manufacturer, we enjoy low land, material, and labor costs.

It has many advantages over electric or pneumatic drive tons, like higher reliability, smaller size and lighter weight, larger torque, and better flexibility. In addition, our hydraulic tong uses less wearing parts. As this tong uses three-point planetary cam mechanism, it achieves a wide tightening range and can tighten the pipes and couplings without changing dies.

The swivel includes two main categories, which are common swivel and double duty swivel. Double duty swivel is a common swivel combined with a spinner. Common swivel consists of swivel bail, shell, support, gooseneck, central pipe, master bearing, joint and other parts. The lower end is connected with kelly stem by REG thread. The swivel bail is hung on the hook.

Welcome to our website! Rundong is a specialized manufacturer of oil drilling, cementing tool, oil extraction equipment and fishing tool, located in China. Since our establishment in 1970, we are involved in the R&D and production of an extensive line of petroleum machinery and related accessories.

We are a leading Chinese manufacturer of oil drilling, cementing tool, oil extraction equipment and fishing tool. We develop, manufacture, and market a wide variety of petroleum machinery, including drilling rod, fishing tool, ...

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