Welcome to our website. Here is the basic information of Dezhou Rundong Petroleum Mchinery Co., Ltd.

Q: What do you do?
A: We are a leading Chinese manufacturer of oil drilling, cementing tool, oil extraction equipment and fishing tool. We develop, manufacture, and market a wide variety of petroleum machinery, including drilling rod, fishing tool, downhole drilling motor, mud pump and related parts. The leading products are 3NB and F series mud pump, which includes 8 models of fluid end accessories, namely, 3NB-350, 500, 1000, 1300, 1600 and F-1000, 1300, 1600. They are manufactured in line with CNPC SY/T6083-94 and API 7K standards.

Q: Which countries are your products exported to?
A: Currently, our petroleum machinery is widely exported to many countries and regions of the world, such as America, Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Libya, Ecuador, and more.

Q: What certifications has your company received?
A: We have received the ISO9001 and API 7K certifications.

Q: How soon can you deliver the products?
A: Within approx. 40-50 weekdays (depending on the production cycle and form of transportation)

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Main Products
    1. Mud Pump F SeriesThe F series mud pump is used for oil and gas drilling.
      Technical Parameters
      1. Mud Pump, F-1300 and F-1600 ...
    1. Float Collar The FC float collar has its shell made of 35CrMo structural alloy steel. It is applicable to casing assembly as a guide for the casing string.
    1. Downhole Drilling MotorThe downhole drilling motor is a kind of positive displacement motor (PDM). High pressure drilling fluid goes into the PDM drill through ...
    1. Drill Bit1. Deep blade and long parabolic configuration and optimized bottom hole flow field design ensure the smooth movement of rock ...
    1. SwivelThe swivel includes two main categories, which are common swivel and double duty swivel. Double duty swivel is a common swivel ...